Business and Entrepreneurship Immigration 

Immigration in this way according to the philosophy and purpose of the immigration programs projected by provincial or federal governments that are fundamentally different from other streams. This stream focuses on economic development, investment attraction and job creation, entrepreneurship, and the attraction of elites in business, and is possible in the following classes: 

  • Federal Programs 
  • Quebec Program ‌
  • Business Visitors 
  • Investor Immigrants 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Self-Employed 

Immigration through some streams, such as investment, are safe, and very low risk; However, because of the complexity of these streams and the consideration of different conditions, such as personal skills and even family circumstances and skills, each applicant needs to be consulted with an immigration specialist. So, if you decide to migrate to Canada through this way, contact us at UNIVISA to get a consultation from our high-profile advisors.