Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) 

This stream, known mainly as skilled labor migration, is the Canadian federal government’s policy to provide skilled labour for the Canadian labor market, which ultimately develop and prosper the country’s economic, social and cultural development.

Immigration through FSW can be achieved by complying with the conditions set by the federal government and obtaining the minimum score (67 out of 100) and the dynamic rating of the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) through the Express Entry (EE).

The following table presents an overview of the system in which the six factors and their maximum points and overall minimum points (threshold) that applicants required t be accepted you into the pool of candidates.

 Factors Max. Points
Language (English/French)  28
 Education  25
 Age 12
Work experience 15
Job offer 10
 Adaptability 10


Note: In this stream, other factors such as relatives (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, applicant or applicant’s sibling (child of parents of the applicant or applicant’s spouse), aunt or uncle (by blood or marriage) of the applicant or applicant’s spouse, niece or nephew of the applicant or applicant’s spouse (grandchild of your or your spouse’s parent), over the age of 18 who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens) in Canada, or competencies and skills of the applicant’s spouse or common law partner have extra points, and positively affect the application.

Since each applicant is being evaluated independently based on his/her own unique situation and above-mentioned criteria (language ability, education, work experience, age, job offer, and adaptability), the first step is to contact us to receive consultation from our immigration experts in UNIVISA to determine his/her eligibility to immigrate to Canada.