Visitor visas are issued for individuals who want to enter Canada temporary for family visits, business, tourism, or for a combination of these purposes. This type of visa is also the best and most effective method to evaluate Canada to see if it is a suitable destination for immigration. 

During the visitor visa application process, the immigration officer would take into considerations of the applicant’s financial ability, employment status and ties in both Canada and their home country. 

The visitor visa is subjected to various conditions and it is at the discretion of the visa officer to decided whether the applicant is eligible for a Single  or Multiple Entry Visa.  If an individual is applying for the visitor visa at the port of entry, it is entirely up to the CBSA Officer to decide on the restrictions/duration of the issued visa.  The CBSA officer has also the rights to deny an applicant of entry into the country. 

Note: The visitor visa holders CANNOT stay more than SIX (6) consecutive months in Canada, and  MUST leave Canada after the authorized stay unless they extend their authorized stay. 

If you have decided to travel Canada to visit family, friend, businesses, or tour Canada, contact us in UNIVISA for a comprehensive assessment and consultation.