👈 Possess a valid passport 

👈 Hold no criminal record 

👈 Not be included in the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen within the boundaries of the EU 

👈 Possess a residency permit for a period of 6 months prior to being granted citizenship 

👈 Have a valid Schengen visa



📌 According to Value Penguin 2015, Cyprus is among the top 5 safest country in the world 

📌 Top 4 best retirement destination globally (Knight Frank 2016) 

📌 Most blue flag beaches per capita in the EU (Eurostat) 

📌 Fast procedure with citizenship approval within approximately 6 months 

📌 No language requirements 

📌 Parents qualify provided they own a property or a share of €500,000 in a residential property of the main applicant 

📌 Recognizes dual nationality 

📌 Low tax rates and free trade within the EU 

📌 Right to live, work and study in Europe and ability to own property in an EU member state 

📌 Strategic geographical location forming a bridge between the EU, the Middle East and North Africa.


Investment Options 

The applicants should meet should meet the following criteria in order to qualify: 

1. Should own a permanent, privately owned residence of at least €500,000 plus applicable VAT 


2. Choose one of the prescribed investment options for €2 million and maintain it for the required duration of 3 years; 

– Real Estate, Land Development and Infrastructure Projects 

The applicants must either invest €2 million in the construction of property or purchase a property of the same value. 


– Purchase, Creation or Participation in Cypriot Businesses or Companies 

Applicants may make an investment of at least €2 million in the purchase, creation or anticipation in businesses or companies that are based and operating in Cyprus. These businesses or companies must employ at least five Cypriot or European citizens. 


– Investment in Financial Assets of Cypriot Companies or Organizations 

Applicants must make an investment of at least €2 million in regulated funds in the Republic of Cyprus. The applicants must maintain the purchased assets for a period of three years. 


– Combination of the Above 

Applicants may make an investment of at least €2 million in a combination of the aforementioned options. In this case, they can also invest in government bonds at a maximum €500,000 and maintain the investments for three years.