Do you want to start a business or work as a freelancer in Germany? If so, you are able to apply for a visa for self-employment. Depending on whether you are planning on starting a business or working as a freelancer, different conditions apply.

Ø  Starting a business:

·         There needs to be an economic interest in, or a regional demand for your product or service.

·         It is foreseeable that your company will have a positive effect on the economy.

·         You are able to finance the implementation of your business concept with your own capital or through a loan commitment.

Ø  Freelancers

·         You can provide proof of sufficient funds to finance your endeavors. 

·         You have obtained any licenses required perform the job in question.


What opportunities does the visa for self-employment offer?

A visa or residence permit for self-employment is initially issued for up to three years. If your business idea is successful and you are able to cover the costs of living for both yourself and your family, the residence permit can be extended.