You wish to study at a university or a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. You need a residence permit to study in the Netherlands.

you have to meet the following conditions:

Ø  You have (provisionally) been accepted by a university or university of applied sciences as a student to a full-time accredited day program.

Ø  You have an independent sufficient and sustainable income.

Ø  You obtain at least 50% of the required credits for each academic year. This is called study progress monitoring.

Some important point:

1.    It is then possible to again make use of a maximum of 12 months to prepare for your master’s program

2.    The residence permit for study is valid for the duration of your education plus 3 months

3.    for a maximum of 16 hours a week

4.    full-time during the summer months June, July and August

5.    you can extend your resident after graduation in some conditions.